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  1. 05 Jan, 2020
    Instagrammers To Follow
    Check out some people or businesses that we found on IG that we think you need to check out and FOLLOW... Feel Like you should be on this page??? Contact us and see how!
  2. 30 Sep, 2019
    Ventures with V
    Ventures with V Showing you the ends and outs of traveling  Do you like to travel or thinking about places to travel to? Our in-house travel DIVA Veronica will give you the scoop on all the hottest vacation spots! Ventures with V is a featured article in our magazine so see where V is traveling to next! Read more now!
  3. 30 Sep, 2019
    First Taste of Fame
    A short story We wanted to bring short stories back to magazines so who else would want to handle this task other than writer B Octavious Sims. He is our featured short story author. So check out a Taste of Fame and see what happens!